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Title: Lose Weight Fast Jumping Rope
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Do You Know That Jumping Rope Is a Great Way to Lose Weight? Jumping rope is one of the best and most effective cardio exercises ...

Do You Know That Jumping Rope Is a Great Way to Lose Weight?

Jumping rope is one of the best and most effective cardio exercises there are, not to mention extremely convenient, portable and inexpensive.

The more muscles you engage during an activity, the more calories you’ll burn. Fortunately, jumping rope taps multiple muscles at once, such as your calves, quads, shoulders and biceps. Even jumping at a very slow pace is super-tough. There is a reason why boxers tout such amazing cardio conditioning and low body fat—it’s due, in part, to jumping rope. How many calories can you burn per hour? Up to 700!

Jumping rope is an inexpensive exercise equipment that is a really good cardiovascular and muscular workout. It improves muscle tone on the legs and arms. It’s very easy to do and is a great way to lose weight without shelling out a lot for a gym membership and a personal trainer. 

Lose Weight Fast Jumping Rope - Pillar Concept
Jumping rope is seen as a game for kids but over the years, it has picked up popularity as a legitimate workout equipment for weight loss. Its a fact that the effort it takes for jumping rope for about 10 minutes is equivalent to running a mile in eight minutes and this burns about 100 calories. This means that a pound of fat which is about 3500 calories could be burnt within a couple of days. 

10 minutes of jumping rope burns roughly the same calorie count as 30 minutes of jogging or over 700 yards of swimming.
Theoretically, you may not be able to burn all 3500 calories purely from jumping rope alone but if incorporated into other workout routines like running, weight lifting and swimming either as a warm-up or cool down exercise or included as an interval exercise within your weight loss workouts, there is not limit to the amount of calories you could burn in one week.

Here are several reasons why you might want to give it a try

It’s Inexpensive

Lose Weight Fast Jumping Rope - Pillar ConceptMost ropes cost less than $10, while higher-quality ropes are around $20 and top-of-the-line models (made with the best materials) will set you back just $25. 

Promotes Total Body Workout

Jumping rope works the legs, the arms, the abs and the circulatory system. It is a killer cardio that makes us sweat a lot and burns calories efficiently. The more time you spend using it, the more fat we tend to burn. It not only burns fat but is also great for your skin so you end up with a tight and lean midsection and lower body. Jumping rope produces quite a result that it only has to be used 30 minutes a day and results can be noticed within a few days.

Great Legs

The reason we lose weight is to look good. With jumping roper, we will be able to tone our calves, hamstrings, and even the glutes. This results not only in better muscle tone but a lot of calorie burns. Our bodies tend to burn a lot more calories when muscle quality improves and this is what jumping ropes tend to do to our legs.

Great for Cardio

Lose Weight Fast Jumping Rope - Pillar Concept
Increasing cardiovascular capacity is one great effect of jumping ropes. Better cardiovascular capacity allows us to do a lot more is our days which in turn burns more calories. If we improve the cardio capacity, the heart and lungs improve in efficiency and therefore not only makes us lose weight but feel better overall.


The fact that it can be brought and used anywhere makes for a big advantage since you don’t have to go to the gym to loss weight. You can do a quick 15 minute session while on break and that will help in losing weight in the long run. This is especially useful for people who spend hours seated on an office chair.

It’s Fun

Let’s face it, jumping rope is a lot more fun than just running of swimming. We liked it as kids and there’s no reason we won’t like it now considering all the benefits that we can have from it.

Those are just some of the benefits that jumping rope can bring and that is why it’s a great idea to use for weight loss. Losing weight does not have to be an ordeal. It can be a fun and enjoyable activity that will make us feel happy and fulfilled.

However, before taking up a jump rope workout, it’s essential you also understand the precautions that need to be kept in mind prior to embarking upon a serious skipping spree.

Precautions To Take Before Jumping Rope To Lose Weight
1. Maintain correct form which is to land on the balls of the feet only.
2. Develop and practice proper technique for a while before taking long and intense challenges.
3. Warm Up and cool down before and after (respectively) the skipping session
4. Don’t jump too high
5. Consult your doctor in case of medical conditions like high blood pressure
6. Wear comfortable shoes
7. Use proper length jump rope
8. Take it easy when just starting out, and most importantly,
9. Enjoy!

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